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Scottish Modified Car Show 2009

After last years successfully outdoor stand we decided that for 2009 we would try and organise a larger indoor stand. In 2008 our outdoor stand consisted of only 8 cars but for the 2009 show we got together 18 cars. Unfortunately when we arrived to setup on Saturday afternoon we were told there was a mix up and there was no stand space set out for us. Thank to both Ron and Ricky the organisers for coming up with a solution and letting us use some of the Top 50 space for our stand. The space we were given was not the best but we were glad to still be indoors. Overall the show was good and the Monster Unit stand was well received by the crowd. Congratulations goes to DAT International for winning Best Indoor Stand and Faz at Funky Power for winning Best Performance for his HKS Twin Turbo NSX.

Also a big thanks to all the Monster Unit guy's and girl's who helped make the stand what it was.

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