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Banzai at Crail Raceway 2009

After attending recent Banzai shows over the past couple of years, Monster Unit were a little more organised this year, and made this their first official appearance at a show. We managed to get 8 cars from the team, and took our usual spot at Crail for the days show. After alot of discussion and shuffling the cars about, the stand was setup and ready to go!

We were really pleased with the response and positive feedback from other club stands, and from Banzai's editor Joe Clifford, who had a chat with some of the members for a possible future feature. As always, Steve McCann was on site taking snaps for Banzai, and was pleased to announce that the winner's for Best Club Stand 2009 was Monster Unit!

A big thanks to all the guy's and girl's from the Monster Unit team who made our first appearance such a success.

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