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Awaiting Pics

Driver: Michael
Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V[CP9A]

Engine: - HKS SSQV BOV Version 2 - HKS SSQV Special Fin [Gold] - HKS SS Exhaust Manifold 45mm - Trl SS Custom Turbo Elbow&Frontpipe 76.3mm - Pro Shop Iida Titanium De-Cat Straight Pipe 80mm - Greddy/Trust Power Extreme Ti-R Catback 80mm -115mm - Autobahn88 Racing Aluminium Radiator - Do-Luck Coolant Power Hoses - HKS Intercooler Top Intake Pipe - Greddy/Trust Spec-M Intercooler Kit 280x600x76mm - HKS Slide Cam Pulley X2 [Duralumin & NI Plating] - HKS Duct - Sard 280l Fuel Pump - Sard Type-Rj Racing Fuel Regulator - Sard Fuel Regulator Setting Meter - HKS 1.2mm Metal Head Gasket - Jun Camshaft 272"In & 264"Ex - Jun Valve Spring - Jun Titanium Valve Retainer [Type2] - Jun Racing Valve Guide [Phosphor Bronze] - HKS Fine Tune Timing Belt - HKS Iridium Spark Plugs [S35g] - HKS [RS] Air Filter Induction Kit - Topline Hydraulic Lash Adjusters [3mm] Oil Hole - Cosworth Head Stud Bolts - Tomei Arms-M7960 Turbo Kit - HKS Air Flow Less Adapter [Replaces The MAF] - Vipec V44 Ecu With Antilag, Flatshift, Launch Control And 7 Bar Map Sensor

Tranmission: - Exedy Hyper Twin Plate Racing Clutch Kit [HD]

Interior: - Greddy A Pillar Pod - Garage Hrs Triple Meter Pod - Blitz MD Boost & Oil Pressure Guage [White] With Greddy Oil Sandwich Plate - Blitz MD Vacuum [Blue] & Exhaust Gas Temp [Carbon] & Oil Temp Guage [Red] With Greddy Radiator Hose Attachment - Greddy Full Auto Turbo Timer With Blitz Turbo Timer Harness - Takata 4-Point Seat Belt Harness X2 [MPH341] - Takata Shoulder Pad - Greddy Profec-B Spec2 Boost Controller [Silver] - ARC Titan Shift Knob - Sony MEX-1HD - Pioneer TS-E1702is Supreme Speakers X2 [Front & Rear] - Pioneer AVIC-X3II

Exterior: - Ganador Carbon Super Mirror - Veilside DTM Rear Wing [Carbon Blade] - Varis Front Bumper - Varis Front Under Diffuser [Ver.1 in FRP Carbon] - Varis Carbon Oil Cooler & Air Cleaner Guide [Carbon] - Varis Hyper Canard - Varis Aero GT Fender & Side Air Panel - Cibie H.I.D Xenon Twin Head Lights - Varis Rear Diffuser [L705mm] - Varis Vortex Generator - WRS Naca Carbon Air Duct - ARC Twin Cam Cam Cover [Titanium] - ARC Titan Radiator Hood Panel [Titanium] - ARC Aluminum Oil Cap&Radiator Cap 1.3bar - Garage HRS Clear Cam Pulley Cover - Mitsubishi Wind Deflectors [Front Pair] - Juran Racing Bonnet Pins [Blue] - Piaa Sporza Carbon Windsreen Wipers [Front 8,10 & Rear 5] - License Plate Relocation Kit - Raybrig RC71 - Carbon Rear Window Vents

Chassis: - Cusco Zero-2 Coilovers. - Cusco Strut Braces Typecb [Front & Rear]

Wheels & Brakes: - 17x7 Rays Gram Lights 57 Pro [Gold With Silver Lip] - Yokohama S306 225/45R17 -Rays Wheel Nuts [Black]

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