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About Us

"Monster Unit not just a car club but a culture and fashion on the street tuning scene. People ask can or how do we join? car club we are but we're made up of mates that love performance car's either be it Jap or German, performance and clean looking cars with function is what monster unit is about. We don't have joining fee's or rules to join but we do offer a range of products for anyone that love what monster unit is about."

- Viney -

"Monster Unit is a group of friends who share the love of Performance and modified cars. Monster Unit is more than a car club we are a group of friends first. We have been around the car scene for a number of years now and have grown as a group by meeting likeminded car enthusiasts. We have a diverse range of cars from German, British and Japanese but we all share the love of cars."

- Jag -

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